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Companies use business credit and charge cards for many of the same reasons people use their personal credit cards. Besides being a convenient way to handle routine and unexpected expenses, many business cards offer benefits like promotional APRs, reward points and partner discounts. Business credit and charge cards can also provide free accounting features and additional cards for employees.

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What are the advantages of using a business credit or charge card?

This type of financing provides a range of advantages over traditional loans.

  • A cushion of capital when you need it

    Business credit cards and charge cards provide easily accessible lines of credit and can help you respond to unexpected expenses without having to apply for a loan or disrupt your cash flow. Having this flexibility in times of need can be essential to the success of your company.
  • Build you business’s credit score

    Responsible use of a business credit or charge card can help build your credit – as long as you don’t exceed your spending limit and pay your bills on time. Just be sure to confirm that your provider reports your payment data to a business credit reporting agency, like Equifax, Experian or Dunn & Bradstreet. Likewise, find out if your card issuer reports to consumer credit agencies. Some credit card companies will report your business card data to consumer agencies in cases of delinquencies or default. It pays to know this information in advance.
  • Reap the benefits of rewards and discounts

    Much like personal credit cards, business credit cards and charge cards offer some type of reward program and discount programs to entice and keep their customers. When selecting a card, consider which perks best suit your business. If you travel often, select a card with a strong miles program or benefits like access to airport lounges or upgraded seats. If you’re more interested in flexible rewards, choose a card with a generous cash back program.
  • Simplify your online purchases

    Although it’s possible to use ACH or services like PayPal for your online purchases, nearly every online merchant accepts major credit cards – and you’ll have even more opportunities to earn rewards.
  • Keep your business and personal finances separate

    Getting a business credit card or charge card allows you to keep your personal and business expenses separate, saving you time and headaches when it comes to tax time. Many business credit and charge card companies offer free accounting features that can make keeping an eye on your bottom line even easier.

What are the disadvantages of using a business credit or charge card?

  • Keep an eye on your interest rate

    The amount of interest you’ll pay on an outstanding balance is tied to the prime rate, which can and will fluctuate. Promotional APRs expire, and rates can increase if you miss a payment. Rates also differ between purchases and cash advances. Pay your balance off each month if you can, especially with a charge card, but if you do have to roll over your credit card balance, make sure you know what your interest rate is and budget accordingly.
  • The double-edge sword of credit reporting

    Although having a business credit or charge card can be a great way to build your business’s credit score, it can also hurt your score if you don’t use the card responsibly. Make your payments on time and stay within your spending limits to keep this positive from becoming a negative.
  • Providing a personal guarantee

    Because business credit and charge cards don’t require collateral, most will require you to provide a personal guarantee. If you have an excellent credit score, or more than $5 million in annual sales, you may be able to apply for a release from this requirement.

About Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards at a Glance

Business Credit Card Annual Fee

Annual Fee:
$0 - $450.00

Business Credit Card Repayment Term

Repayment Term:

Business Credit Card Interest Rate

Interest Rate:
0% introductory rate - 29.65% penalty rate

Business Credit Card Credit Score

Credit Score:
Lower credit scores may be accepted, but higher interest rates will apply

Business Credit Card Approval Received

Approval Received:
Within minutes for online applications

Business Credit Card Rewards

Points and cash back

Common Questions About Business Credit Cards

Which card is right for me?

Because there are so many different business credit and charge cards to choose from, selecting the one that’s right for your business can be a daunting task. When making your decision, keep the following in mind.

  • First, decide if a charge card or a credit card better suits your needs. If you have any reservations about being able to pay off your entire balance each month, go with a business credit card.
  • Carefully research the interest rates, annual fees, penalties. Know what you’re getting into before taking on any kind of revolving credit.
  • Know in advance which business credit and charge cards your suppliers accept. There’s no point to getting a card your main suppliers won’t accept.
  • Determine which perks best suit your business. Are you more interested in cash-back, travel rewards, or partner discounts? How important are accounting features to you?
  • If building your business credit score is a priority, choose a business card that reports your payment data to business credit reporting agency. If you’re concerned about protecting your personal credit score, be sure to ask if the provider reports to consumer agencies.
  • If you’re planning on making a large purchase right away, you may want to focus on business credit cards that offer a low introductory APR rate.
  • For businesses with an international presence, the foreign transaction fee might be a deciding factor.
  • Compare the annual fee to the rewards and discounts offered. Although not all business credit cards charge an annual fee, you might actually end up ahead by paying an annual fee in exchange for getting better benefits.

How do I apply for a business credit or charge card?

Once you’ve decided which card is right for you, have the following information on hand when you’re ready to apply.

  • Business name and location
  • Tax identification number (EIN)
  • Business's financial information
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

How can I responsibly manage the use of a credit or charge card for my business?

Any form of financing needs to be handled responsibly. Small business owners seek out financial instruments like credit cards and charge cards to grow their business or help navigate a rough patch. In order to obtain those goals, keep the following advice in mind when using any business credit or charge card.

  • Keep your personal and business expenses separate. Build a wall between the two and keep it there.
  • If you’re using a business credit card, keep an eye on your interest rate and budget accordingly.
  • Understand your billing cycle, especially your grace period - the number of days between the close of the billing cycle and the day interest begins to accumulate.
  • Pay your balance in full whenever possible, especially if you use a business charge card. Avoiding interest payments and penalty fees leaves more money in your pocket.
  • As with any financing tool, don’t take on more than you can handle. Know your limits and stick to them.
  • Take advantage of the tax deduction. Interest paid on a business credit card is deductible come tax time.

* In order to secure funding, LendRev requires at least three months in business with a minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenue.

† With the appropriate information and documentation available, it’s possible to have your application approved in as little as one hour.

‡ Many of our term loan and merchant cash advance providers can be very fast, providing funds in as little as 24 hours. SBA-backed lenders may take two weeks or more because Small Business Administration loans require significantly more documentation.